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Excellent tool to create animated presentations for your tutorials and courses
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DemoCharge 2005 is an excellent demo creation and editing tool that produces high-quality videos of your desktop activities. It will record your cursor movements activities with applications. You can select which area of your desktop will be captured and, what is more, you can edit the frame of your video before actually saving it.

The videos created using DemoCharge 2005 offer you smooth frame transitions. Besides, it will not only capture your cursor movements, but will also add arrows joining the start and end points of each movement. This will allow you to create high-end presentations and tutorials, which will be easier for those watching it to understand each step of the process.

The video editing tool that comes with DemoCharge 2005 is probably the main asset of the program. It includes a timeline that will let you know the actual length of the project. The whole recording is "cut" into scenes (called "frames"), which you can move around the timeline in any way you wish. Thus, you will not have to record your presentation all over again whenever you make a mistake.

Whenever you are happy with the results, you can then save your video as an animated GIF, AVI, Java, Flash, or EXE file. The program will frame it in an attractive window with all the controls your users need to play, stop, and move around the video. DemoCharge 2005 offers you various themes for your presentations, as well as the possibility of choosing your preferred size and the most suitable audio format.

The amazing high-quality results offered by this tool are not limited to experienced or expert users - actually, both the recording and editing processes have been devised to be used and enjoyed by any user.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Well-designed interface
  • Smooth frame transitions
  • Excellent quality output videos
  • Simplicity of use


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